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Campervan Hire for North Wales Trip

Have you been planning for a weekend trip with family to North Wales? And you do not wish to take your own vehicle and are also looking for a proper accommodation. Then come to Freeline Motorhome where you can get a campervan hire service for North Wales trip.

Your trip to North Wales will become more memorable if you avail our campervan rental service. The campervan is going to be your ideal partner for your road trips in Wales. It is a small county with a great history and the landscapes are really mesmerizing.

Other famous tourist spots include the 3 famous national parks. Being a small county you can view the sea and the mountains from any location. One can find Mount Snowdonia which is the highest mountain in Wales. There is a camp site available within 10 miles from this tourist spot. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place from everywhere. Driving in your campervan with your family along the beautiful landscape is worth the time spent. ‘Welsh’ is the native language and is one of the oldest in the world.

Wales is known as the land of castles so you can visit some of the famous castles here. There are about 641 fortresses here which have withstood the test of times and give you a picture of the history. The United Nations organization has also identified 3 world heritage sites here.

Our campervan hire service will help you in moving around freely on your own. Once you are behind the wheels you are in full control of the vehicle. You can drive along as per your convenience and plan the travel accordingly.

Just let us know in advance, the number of people who will be traveling along with you. Depending upon your group size we will provide you a motorhome which easily accommodates all members of the group. We are also considerate about your budget; hence we provide vans at cheaper rates than our competitors.

So, you can have a campervan with all the facilities at a cheaper rate than what is in the industry. Come forward and avail our campervan hire services. You just need to call us or fill in the online booking form on our site and our representative will be in touch with you. So, discover Wales along with your campervan.