Get a Motorhomes Hire Service for the Lord Mayor’s Show

Festivities and celebrations in the UK take a plunge in the month of November. The Lord Mayor’s Show is one of the oldest events which is celebrated in London and dates back to the year 1536. Aside from this, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…becomes the major highlights of the Holiday Season. So if you are also planning a trip to the UK to attend the Lord Mayor’s Show in London, you can probably hire a motorhome for comfortable travelling.

The procession is celebrated on 9th November every year, and is backed up parades, marching bands, samba dancing, amazing fireworks, and the like- attracting people of all age groups. So if you are in London on this day, you shouldn’t miss the mega festivities here and make your travel plan in advance. Instead of using the public transportation or booking a taxi, you can find motorhomes hire services at affordable prices.

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Lord Mayor’s Show Mayor's Show

On the particular day the newly appointed mayor takes part in the procession in the gold state coach. This had actually started about 798 years back, when King John had directed the newly elected Lord Mayor of London to leave the safety and security of the city. So, the mayor had to travel up the Thames to Westminster to swear loyalty to the crown.

This is the apt time to visit the country and be a part of all the festivities. Hiring a motorhome will bring in a lot of convenience as you can drive the vehicle as per your own will and take it wherever you want. You need not worry about finding a hotel near the location of the procession because your hired motorhome will offer a comfortable accommodation as well.

Dressing up doesn’t remain a major issue as there are separate cabins for toilet and bedroom. All you need to do is just wear your party outfit and get ready to attend the show. Since procession usually starts at 11am so can get sufficient time to bring your best look. This 6 hours long procession covers a 3 miles stretch so requisite parking arrangements are done by the authorities.

If there are kids with you then they are really going to enjoy the event because there is dance, music and you can see people in typical costumes. And after participating in the celebrations you can relax and unwind your muscles in the rented motorhome. There is also the facility of warm water so you can feel rejuvenated. Freeline Motorhomes has got a wide range of motorhomes with some of the best facilities on board. Contact us for bookings for the upcoming events in the UK.

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