Hire Motorhomes for all Kinds of Getaways

Are you planning a long awaited getaway with friends or family? Plan a trip to the UK and be prepared for fun filled and an enjoyable time with all the UK has to offer. Hiring a motorhome is a great option that will suit both your expectations and your pocket.

Amongst the many transportation options the motorhome has to be right up there as a preferred choice. Not only will it help you move from one place to another but is also provides comfortable and luxurious accommodation. Motorhomes are becoming a popular choice, whether you are planning a short weekend break or planning the holiday tour of a lifetime this is definitely a mode of transport you have to seriously consider.

Motorhomes come fully equipped with all the facilities you are likely to need. These include a cooker, fridge, shower, toilet and even luxuries such as a TV/DVD player are included. Satellite navigation units are also included to ensure your journey is stress free.

Reputable and experienced companies like: – Freeline Motorhomes offer a wide selection of motorhomes for people with varied budget and requirements. Our extensive fleet of vehicles include: Carioca 200’s (4 berths), Carioca 694’s (4 berth luxury), Adria Sport’s (4 berth luxury – Island bed), Adria Twin’s (2/3 berths) and Carioca 656’s (6 berths).

If you plan to hire a motorhome, keep in mind the number of people you are accompanied with. For those of you travelling as a couple you may prefer the luxury of and island in the Adria Sport which gives you plenty of living and sleeping space, and if you are a large family then you would be best choosing one of the Carioca 656 models which offer  great sleeping space including large bunk beds at the rear.

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