Rent a motorhome for all kinds of trips


Need a break from your hectic work schedule? Why don’t you plan a short trip this weekend?

We all get tired and bored due to prolonged working hours and mundane life’s chores. And as the weeks progress, we tend to get more lethargic. Hence, the need for a break from the daily chores becomes a must. For the smooth functioning of the mind and the body, these short trips can prove to be very useful.

Hiring a cab or commuting via airplane or train may not be possible every time. An alternative to these modes of transportation is to rent a motorhome. Packed with the latest and state-of-the-art facilities, motorhomes are designed to enhance your holiday experience. Various facilities like satellite navigation units, TV and DVD players are all included within these vehicles and most of your basic amenities such as crockery and cutlery, cooking utensils, electric kettle, hairdryer, tables and chairs, etc are also included as well.

These fully furnished recreational vehicles offer a comfortable and luxurious living accommodation to the travellers. Campervans are usually divided into different cubicles. So, you’ll find a proper sleeping area, kitchen, shower room, toilet, dining room and a little space to relax and get entertained.
Selection of campervans is made in terms of the berth size which varies from 2 berths vehicles, 4 berths vehicles right up to 6 berths. For example: if you are travelling with family, rent a 6 berths motorhome, or if you are off for a romantic tour with your beloved, you can hire a campervan with 2 to 4 berths. Just remember one basic rule- a berth should be more than the total number of people travelling in the campervans. The aim is to offer more space which enables you to relax and unwind at ease.

Professional and established market leaders like: Freeline Motorhomes offer highly comfortable and luxurious motorhomes with competitive rental prices. Our motorhome rental prices are designed to suit every pocket.
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