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go4awalk.com - Expert Guides to the UK's Best Walks . . . and friends to enjoy them with.


go4awalk.com is one of the largest and busiest websites dedicated to walking in the UK. It is packed with over 30,000 pages of compelling information about walking & hiking including Buying Guides, Gear Reviews, Q & A, Hints & Tips, Photographs, Competitions, Personal Anecdotes and Insights.
But at the heart of go4awalk.com is their walk collection comprising professionally produced Walk Route Maps and Instructions plus accompanying GPS Data.


The Walks

If you are going walking anywhere in the UK mountains and countryside - clear, accurate and up-to-date route instructions are an absolute must. go4awalk.com walks are handcrafted by professionals who really understand what makes a good walk - a good walk. Each 1:25 000 scale walk map (many with details not on the OS map) includes clear and precise route instructions to ensure you get the most out of your day in the UK countryside.


GPS Waypoint Data

go4awalk.com has thousands of downloadable GPS Waypoints in both GPX (.gpx) and Text (.txt) format which you can transfer to any commonly available GPS Device (e.g. Garmin Etrex 10) at the touch of a button. Each walk's set of downloadable GPS Data usually consists of between 5 and 15 key waypoints located at all the critical decision points detailed in the walk route description to ensure you always stay on track.


'Best Walks in . . . ' collections.

With thousands of walks available from go4awalk.com you simply do not have the time to walk every single one. And travelling to, and staying over, in The Lake District, Snowdonia or Scotland can be an expensive business. So you need to make sure that the precious time you do spend walking is spent walking the very best walks. With the 'Best Walks in . . . ' collections from go4awalk.com you can be sure that you are walking the finest routes the UK has to offer. All you have to do is enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


Peak Bagging

Much more than a list ticking exercise, Peak Bagging is a superb way to explore the Countryside, visit different hill and mountain tops and discover pastures new - often well away from the crowded honey pots. Peak Bagging with go4awalk.com offers inspiration and motivation about where to go walking next, whilst allowing you to keep a clear and precise record of your achievements to date. It will suggest mountains and tops to walk up and 'bag' that you hadn't previously thought of - or even heard about. It will ensure you visit the mountain summits with some of the finest views British Walking and Hiking has to offer.
Meet new people to go walking with Not everyone enjoys walking alone. No-one to share the view, no-one to share the experience, no-one to share that warming cup of tomato soup. So why not reply to some of the messages on the go4awalk.com Find New Walking Friends Message Board from fellow walkers just like you looking for fellow walkers just like you.
Better still; upload your own message complete with a picture. You can change it and update it whenever you want. And with go4awalk.com - you have the added security of knowing you will only receive replies from fellow go4awalk.com members - people genuinely committed to walking and hiking.
To see some example walk routes, GPS Waypoints and Bagging Maps - sign up for the free go4awalk.com Newsletter http://www.go4awalk.com/talk-to-us/newsletter.php

To get even more out of your precious time in the hills & mountains, you can open an Account here http://www.go4awalk.com/logon/index.php go4awalk.com - Expert Guides to the UK's Best Walks . . . and friends to enjoy them with.