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Hire Campervan for Trip to Manchester

UK has got some of the most famous tourist destinations. You will find a combination of both old and the new. Kent attracts a lot of visitors who come here to view theWhite Cliffs of Dover. If you are in a group then visiting such places is real fun. The fun element will increase many folds if you hire a motorhome. Driving on your own with friends is a different experience. Here you will find places and routes by yourself.

We atFreeline Motorhomes deal inCampervan Rental services for Kent tours. Campervans are your ideal partner as you can drive them as per your convenience. You will get all the facilities on the vehicle itself. There is enough space available where the travelling members can store their luggage. So, you need not look for a separate accommodation to keep your belongings.

Ourmotorhome hire services are the best in the UK as we focus on the quality of service. Take your campervan and explore the secret war tunnels at the white cliffs of Dover. The high chalk cliffs give a very spectacular view facing the French coast.

You can view have a proper view of the cliffs by walking along the coastal path towards the South Foreland lighthouse. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the place and also find many types of orchids, and unusual plants. There is always a cool breeze as it is the coastal region. The nearest camp site is just 5 miles away from the spot.

According to history the area had been used as a natural defence during both the world wars. You can find the reminders and traces of these along the cliffs. There are slit trenches that had been dug by soldiers and concrete remains of the range finding stations, used at the war period.

Hiring a motorhome is a very good option when visiting such places. Ourcampervan rental is lesser than other service providers in the UK. We have got a large fleet of vans, so you can find motorhomes from 2 to 6 berth capacity.

Come to us and avail ourcampervan rental services and choose the type of vehicle you wish to have from our existing fleet. Drive them on your own and discover the white cliffs of Kent.